There's been questions raised in recent days about the media's coverage of the violence against Israelis by Palestinians.

Wave of Palestinian Terror Attacks Hit Jerusalem; 2 Caught on Tape

NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reported incorrectly Wednesday that a Palestinian man shot dead by Israeli police did not have a weapon. 

However, a photo from the scene shown on the air depicted the man holding a knife and the MSNBC anchor then corrected Mohyeldin's account, telling viewers about the knife.

The man had reportedly charged at the officers with a knife at the Damascus Gate. Mohyeldin said he was only a few feet away from the attacker when he ran by. 

The attack followed a string of similar knife attacks on Israelis in previous days, which left at least three dead and 20 injured.

In one attack, a Palestinian man drove his car through a crowded bus stop, then attacked the injured with a meat cleaver.

In fresh attacks Friday, a Palestinian disguised as a photojournalist stabbed an Israeli soldier, the same day Palestinians torched a site honored by the Jewish community as the tomb of the biblical figure Joseph.

Critics have accused some mainstream media outlets for blurring the true nature of the incidents.

Earlier this month, Al Jazeera apologized for a poorly-worded tweet about a stabbing of two Israelis by a Palestinian man. 

The tweet read: "Palestinian shot dead after fatal stabbing in Jerusalem; 2 Israeli victims also killed." 

Jon Scott discussed Mohyeldin's report and the overall coverage with Fox News contributors Richard Grenell and Judith Miller.

Grenell said Mohyeldin's report was "atrocious" and clearly biased. Grenell tweeted criticism of Mohyeldin's report right after it aired Wednesday.

Grenell said this is not the first time Mohyeldin has filed biased reports from the Middle East. 

"This is like the 20th time. NBC News has an Ayman Mohyeldin problem. They need to get serious about disciplining him, telling him how he's supposed to be reporting," said Grenell. 

Miller said right now, innocent Israelis are facing a daily threat of being stabbed while they walk down the street in Jerusalem or wait for a bus. 

"These are young people incited by cartoons, by social media and by Palestinian leaders to go out and kill an Israeli," she said.

Wave of Palestinian Terror Attacks Hit Jerusalem; 2 Caught on Tape

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