An iron giant strolled onto the set of "Fox and Friends" today.

Thomas DePetrillo of Rhode Island displayed the incredible 9-and-a-half-foot-tall "Hulkbuster" costume. The name refers to the suit of armor worn by Iron Man to take on the Hulk in the latest Avengers movie.

DePetrillo and his apprentice built the 95-pound suit themselves over a period of 1,600 hours, pouring $60,000 into the project.

But their labors are paying off. The Hulkbuster suit was the top attraction at last weekend's huge ComicCon in New York and has been winning "best in show" at cosplay competitions around the country.


And he's been making a huge splash wherever he goes.


Did any of you see the gigantic Hulkbuster cosplay at New York Comic Con? It has been a couple days since, but I am still amazed by the amount of effort put into this costume! In fact, I am pretty sure that Tony Stark and Stark Industries are going to go after him for making a better Hulkbuster suit than Tony's. Gotta love patent law. Click the link in our profile to check out all of the products we have to offer. Who knows, maybe you can piece together a costume for Halloween! #Halloween #Hulkbuster #Marvel #IronMan #Avengers #cosplay #super #hero #superhero #superheroes #stuff #superherostuff #apparel #merchandise #accessories #men #women #kids #boys #girls #awesome #cool #fun #costumes #crafts #homedecor

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You can bet he's looking forward to Halloween.

Watch the above video to see the awesome Hulkbuster in action.

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