Authorities in Chillicothe, Ohio, say a woman's body that was discovered hanging from a fence was mistaken by neighbors for a Halloween decoration. 

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Rebecca J. Cade, 31, was found Tuesday in the southern Ohio town after construction workers called police about a body hanging from a chain-link fence.

Donnie Cochenour Jr., 27, has since been arrested and faces a murder charge. Cochenour was ordered held on $2 million bond after he pleaded not guilty.

Officials reportedly described Cade and Cochenour as "acquaintances." They say a large rock was found at the scene with blood on it.  

Police believe Cade was running away from her attacker, then got caught on the fence as she tried to flee from an enclosed lot.

Police say Cade's death is not related to a string of suspicious deaths and disappearances of women in the area in recent years.

Watch more above from FOX 8 in Cleveland. 

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