A simple request by a little boy at a college football game is going viral this morning. 

When six-year-old Braedon Mullins got to go on the field before last Saturday's West Virginia-Oklahoma state game, his mom asked him if he wanted to get some autographs on his football. 

His nine-year-old brother quickly went over to some Mountaineer players, but Braedon had a different idea. 

His mom, Dreama, said her son was only interested in a group of West Virginia State Troopers stationed on the field in Morgantown. 

She posted to Facebook a photo of the encounter and it has since gone viral. 


Dreama told the Bluefield Daily Telegraph that once the game started, Braedon was still only interested in the officers patrolling the sidelines. 

She said Braedon, whose uncle is a police captain, wants to someday become a trooper with a German shepherd at his side.

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