On the latest Watters' World, Jesse Watters hit the streets of New York City to get people's reactions to the Democratic debate and to ask some U.S. trivia questions.

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What did you think of the big debate?

"I didn't watch it actually. I saw Lincoln Chaffee was in the debate, and that just turned me off immediately."

What's a greater threat: global warming or Islamic terrorism?

"Islamic terrorism."

"A lot of the Democrats say global warming."

"That's because Democrats are idiots... I'm also a Democrat."

If Hillary Clinton wins, how many years will she serve in the first term?

"In prison?"

What do you think of Hillary?

"Her pantsuits are always on point."

Do you know how many states there are in the union?


Do you know who the vice president is? Joe...


Check out the hilarious segment above.

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