Rudy Giuliani told Neil Cavuto on "Your World" that anyone who believes Iran will not cheat on the terms of the nuclear agreement should not be involved in foreign policy or national security.

"You should go work in some other area, because you're too foolish to be responsible for your safety, my safety and our children's safety," Giuliani said.

He noted that France said that Iran's test of a ballistic missile earlier this week was a clear violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution and sends "a worrying message."

He said that if the French are more realistic about the danger of Iran, then we're in trouble.

Giuliani added that Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasing his country's presence in the Middle East because President Obama is letting him get away with it.

"They're basically creating an empire, an Iranian empire. Iran, Iraq, Syria Yemen, supported by an established nuclear power, Russia."

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