Sneak Peek: Billionaire Charles Koch opens up to Megyn Kelly about his business philosophy, secrets to success and personal attacks from the Democrats in a powerful ‘Kelly File’ interview. Don’t miss the rare sit-down this THURSDAY at 9p ET.

Posted by The Kelly File on Wednesday, October 14, 2015


They're the billionaires that the left loves to hate.

The Koch brothers are often cast by President Obama and Democrats as "boogeymen," who use their fortune to rig the system and buy the country. 

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has mentioned them 289 times from the Senate floor, painting them as "evil."

The White House put the brothers on an "enemies list" during the 2012 presidential campaign.

Despite the frequent attacks, the two rarely sit down for interviews.

But tonight on "The Kelly File," Charles Koch talks to Megyn Kelly in a fascinating discussion about what he believes is behind the vitriol and much more.

Watch a sneak peek clip above and watch the full exclusive interview tonight at 9p/12a ET.