An Indiana sheriff vowed that he will not enforce any executive actions by President Obama requiring law enforcement officers to begin registering firearms.

Elkhart County Sheriff Bradley D. Rogers made the remarks in a recent panel discussion on local TV station WNIT.

“If President Obama today said, ‘I’m creating an executive order that all sheriffs and police chiefs around this nation need to start registering firearms,’ I will disregard it,” he said.

The discussion on "Politically Speaking" was about gun violence and gun control proposals in the wake of the Oregon college mass shooting.

Rogers argued that the country already has "reasonable" gun control, adding that current laws are "probably overdone."

“The government shouldn’t know who’s got weapons ... we’ve seen in other countries what could happen when the government knows who has what guns. And so I always discourage people from registering any guns … quite frankly it’s not something we push or promote.”

Rogers added that private citizens must take responsibility for their own safety, explaining that police officers often cannot respond to a 911 call in time to "neutralize" a threat.

You can see the full discussion, here.

UPDATE: Sheriff Rogers joined Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" Friday to further explain his positions, which he said are a result of President Obama's anti-gun "rhetoric" since the Oregon attack. 

He noted that Obama brought up gun control efforts in countries like Australia and Great Britain. Rogers said those countries have "banned and confiscated firearms."

Watch the interview above.