You probably know that Brian Kilmeade is a best-selling author. You may even know that he's a former college soccer player. 

But, believe it or not, as much as you see Brian on Fox News Channel and hear him on Fox News Radio, there's a lot you don't know about the Long Island, New York, native.

What's life like off-camera with the "Fox and Friends" co-host?

Brian's wife, Dawn, his son, Bryan, 19, and his two daughters, Kirstyn, 14, and Kaitlyn, 12, shared with us some amusing tidbits.

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1. Brian thinks he’s the ultimate television and movie critic. He’ll make us change the channel if we’re watching any "Real Housewives" show or Adam Sandler movie, except “Click.”

2. Brian is a man with no hobbies ... except one. He has a bizarre obsession with collecting newspaper headlines of major events.

3. He’s the top suspect in a number of household thefts. Water bottles - even if they have someone else's initials on them! - have a habit of disappearing from the fridge. It’s hard to blame him though, since he makes up for it with random acts of kindness. He also tends to leave things out of order, including his clothes, and he never fails to leave the cap off of the toothpaste after he brushes.

4. His biggest pet peeve is hearing anyone chew gum. We always joke that he’d rather walk in traffic than hear any of our friends chew gum.

5. Brian never stops moving. There’s never any down time with him. When he’s not scoping the news or teaching us a lesson about history, he’s usually begging us to play a game of soccer in the backyard.

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