Charles Krauthammer said Hillary Clinton had a strong performance in the first Democratic debate, avoiding any missteps that will significantly impact her campaign. 

"It was two hours and nothing changed. I don't think there will be any change in the polls," he said.

He said Clinton sounded "competent" on the issues and was on offense throughout the night against Bernie Sanders. 

"I think she had a good night. ... There was no issue on which she slipped," he said.

The moment of the night, Krauthammer believes, was when Sanders emphatically said to Clinton, "enough about your damn emails" after Anderson Cooper brought up the private server issue. 

"The great irony is this. ... This is the only time I've ever seen the moment in a debate that's going to help a candidate other than the one who uttered it. It really helped her," said Krauthammer.

He noted that all five candidates were able to cast the Republican party as the "bogeyman," while avoiding attacks on each other.

He agreed that just like in 2012 with Mitt Romney, the GOP is running the risk of damaging their candidates in a long, drawn-out primary, possibly hurting their prospects in the general election.

Watch his analysis above.