Karl Rove praised Hillary Clinton's performance in last night's Democratic presidential debate, saying she was the "clear winner."

But the former senior adviser to George W. Bush said the debate was "dreadful" overall because of the weakness of her Democratic rivals, calling Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders a "grumpy old dyspeptic Bilbo Baggins" and referring to the others as "the three midgets."

Jenna Lee pointed out that Rove's assessment lined up with New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza.

Rove gave the former First Lady and Secretary of State her dues, describing her performance last night as "snappy, knowledgeable, comfortable [and] less robotic than normal."

But he says that unless Vice President Joe Biden shakes up the race, "this is going to be the last Democratic debate that anybody is going to watch, because it was so dreadful apart from Clinton's performance."

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