WARNING: the video below contains some profanity.

A University of Connecticut freshman is now apologizing after gaining worldwide infamy in a viral video in which he drunkenly berated a cafeteria worker over bacon jalapeno mac and cheese.

19-year-old Luke Gatti posted a YouTube video apologizing to the cafeteria staff, with a special sorry for the manager who gave him "so many chances to walk away."

"I didn't listen to him," Gatti says. "I was just a complete ass----."

In the original video, an intoxicated Gatti is seen getting increasingly belligerent after staff refused to serve him.

When he became too physical with the manager, a staff member wrestled him to the ground, and he was arrested by campus police.

He also appeared to spit at the police officer who arrested him.

The video made headlines and spread like wildfire on the Internet.

WARNING: the video below contains profanity and extremely offensive language

Gatti says he couldn't believe his behavior and that it wasn't an accurate reflection of his character.

"The thing that's always just gotten me into trouble is just my big mouth. I talk and talk. I don't know when to shut up."

Gatti also apologized to friends and family, saying he "completely disappointed them," and to the UConn student body for poorly representing them.

He concluded by asking people to stop sending him packages of mac-and-cheese and give them to a food bank instead.

The incident wasn't Gatti's first run-in with the law.

According to reports, he was arrested twice for similar behavior in 2014 while a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.