California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has signed a bill that critics argue will allow the state's voter rolls to be flooded with illegal immigrants. 

The New Motor Voter Act automatically registers people to vote when they go to the DMV to obtain a driver's license. California is the second state to pass such a bill, following Oregon.

Since the state allows non-citizens to obtain a license, some say illegals could cast ballots if the Secretary of State does not verify their status. 

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said the bill is "terrible," arguing it will make a bad situation even worse.

Engelbrecht believes that the state's registration systems “lack the necessary safeguards" to make sure only U.S. citizens are able to vote.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the situation on "Fox and Friends" today.

He said, for example, in New Jersey you must prove you are a U.S. citizen after getting your license if you want to register to vote. But that second step will not exist in California, he said.

"It's almost impossible to monitor this if the state is going to provide shelter for illegals to vote," he explained.

Napolitano said that the broader argument comes down to whether the right to vote is considered a "fundamental" human right.