"Saturday Night Live" and actress Amy Schumer took a very clear anti-gun position on the show this weekend, mocking gun owners in a series of sketches.

In a mock ad called "Guns," Amy Schumer played a woman who received the gift of a firearm from her boyfriend at a romantic dinner.

In another scene, a man gave a shotgun to his wife as she enters the hospital to deliver a baby. 


Schumer mocked gun owners again in a sketch called "City Council Meeting."

In the sketch, Schumer used an exaggerated Southern accent to ask if she could bring her gun to school, and asked if the council could "ban gay marriages."


In the "Weekend Update," hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che brought up gun ownership yet again. 

"There's a gun for every man, woman and child in this country," Che said. "What are we preparing for, a rap beef?"

Jost agreed that "we don't need that many guns," but that the country is "obsessed with things we don't need, like the Baconator."

Guy Benson reacted this morning on "Fox and Friends" (video below), saying he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but that he also supports the show's First Amendment right to make whatever points they want. 

Schumer, who is the cousin of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, has been vocal on her support for stronger gun laws. 

"The fake, satirical ad basically portrayed gun owners, generally, as a bunch of fetishists and nuts and crazy people. That's of course not reflective of tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners who just want to establish and practice their Second Amendment rights. ... They want to hunt and protect their families and that sort of thing," said Benson.

He said conservatives should try to avoid getting angry at these jokes, advising Second Amendment supporters to have a sense of humor and counter with points of their own. 

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