When we realized it was time for Comic Con, we were hoping Joanne Nosuchinsky would make another LOL-worthy trip to the very unique event. 

Last night on "The Greg Gutfeld Show," we got our wish, as Joanne returned. And this time Kat Timpf went along, so it was even better. 

Watch the segment above, and see a few of our favorite encounters below. 

5 Things You Didn't Know About Joanne Nosuchinsky

Joanne From 'Red Eye' Experiences Comic Con for the First Time

Joanne and Kat asked around about their superhero costume pitches: Joanne was Captain Happy Hour and Kat was Cat Lady. 


Kat asked Batman if he'd break up with Catwoman for her...

One of my superpowers is, I'm so needy that you can't get rid of me. 


Joanne told Captain America her superpower is turning a box into a box of wine. 

"That sounds amazing."


I'm a Cat Lady, so I'm needy and I have low self-esteem. Will you be my boyfriend?

Are you kitten me? 


You're a costume designer? My only hobby is drinking and it's my superpower. I can drink anything. 

Oh. Thank you. 


And finally, does the Joker have any tips on being evil?

He said something about acid, we think...

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