On "Hannity" tonight, Donald Trump explained why he believes Hillary Clinton shouldn't even be a candidate in the 2016 race.

Trump pointed to Clinton's private email server scandal - including the recent revelation that she forwarded an email which named a CIA source - and said that what she did was far worse than what Gen. David Petraeus did.

"She’s being protected by the Democrats," Trump said. "In my opinion, they won't do anything with her. It's very unfair to everybody else who's suffered greatly for far less than what she's done. And she'll probably be a candidate."

Trump said that he' still excited about the prospect of running against her.

"She is so flawed, she's got so many problems, she did such a bad job as secretary of state," Trump said. "I think she's very beatable, but she shouldn't even be allowed to run."

Watch part one of the "Hannity" interview above and part two below.

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