Dr. Ben Carson told Bill O'Reilly tonight that the far-left is attacking his faith and beliefs because he refuses to "submit to their nonsense."

"Everybody comes up to me everywhere I go and they tell me, 'Please don't submit to those media people. Do not do it. You have to stand up for us,'" Carson said.

O'Reilly asked if there's a racial element to how the left-wing media covers him, and Carson agreed that to some degree there is.

"The left-wing does have standard practice for black people. And you're not supposed to wander away from that or you're an Uncle Tom, you're a traitor," Carson explained.

O'Reilly said that Carson's faith is the other thing that the media has often focused on.

"Are you really a creationist?" O'Reilly asked. "Do you subscribe to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, and that's where we came from?"

Carson said that he believes God is the world's creator, but he doesn't know how old the Earth is.

"He's God. If He wanted to create an Earth that was billions of years old, he could do it," Carson said. 

Watch more above.

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