An advisory council at a community college in Tampa, Florida, is coming under fire for dropping the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings, as it's been revealed there may have been political motivations to do so.

Despite claiming that they only did it to save time, the Institutional Advisory Council at Hillsbury Community College held a meeting in September to discuss "the Pledge of Allegiance and its appropriateness in an institution of higher learning which fosters academic freedom and structured dissent against authority."

Scott Vosler, a sophomore at Hillsbury, appeared on this morning's edition of "Fox and Friends" to discuss his school's actions with Peter Johnson, Jr.

"I don't  believe that an organization that is actually being funded by taxpayer dollars should be stating the case that there's academic disruption, or anything of that matter, in any way, shape or form."

"And to be honest, the 12, 15 seconds it takes to say the pledge of allegiance is an insignificant amount of time," he added in rebuttal to the council's initial time-saving excuse.

As a compromise, Vosler suggested that the Hillsbury IAC allot a brief moment to recite the Pledge of Allegiance for anyone who wishes to do so.

"This isn't a religious matter," he added. "This is actually a pledge of allegiance to the country — to the nation that's funding this school."

For what it's worth, even the president of Hillsbury seems to find this development troubling, and has reportedly asked the IAC to "reconsider this action," according to an official statement. 

For more, watch the "Fox and Friends" segment above.