In light of the Oregon shooting tragedy, Democrats in the Senate have proposed stricter gun-control measures. But is their aim as true as they think?

Maybe not, according to Katie Pavlich, who joined "Fox and Friends" to debunk some of the most prevalent myths about gun control.

For starters, Pavlich said the so-called "gun show loophole" is a myth, going as far as to say it "simply doesn't exist."

"The same federal firearms laws that apply outside of gun shows also apply inside of gun shows," she stated.

And, in response to hearing that "Obama has said it's harder to buy a vegetable than it is to buy a firearm," Pavlich claimed he was "wrong on that point as well," citing the fact that no one needs to fill out a form or show ID to purchase a vegetable.

Most interestingly, Pavlich found that gun violence has, in fact, dropped over recent years. "We've seen crimes carried out with firearms drop by 50 percent since 1993," said Pavlich. "So the idea that crime is on the rise, and committed with firearms, just isn't true."

For more from Pavlich, including her findings on the ineffectiveness of establishing gun-free zones, be sure to watch the video above.