With Hillary Clinton still the subject of a controversial email scandal, Democrats across the nation are wondering about Biden's intentions for the 2016 presidential race.

"My sources say that even this weekend, he still hasn't made up his mind," said journalist and author Edward Klein on Saturday morning's "Fox and Friends."

"He knows if he gets into the race, the Clintons are going to dig up a lot of dirt about him, and he may not even be able to win."

But when it comes to who the White House is championing, Klein has a definite idea.

"I think there's a clue to this," he said, pointing to the fact that Biden has already been using Air Force Two to travel to speaking engagements across the country. "The White House has been saying 'Go, Joe, Go!'"

Furthermore, Klein thinks "the Obama White House does not want to see Hillary Clinton succeed Barack Obama in the Oval Office," adding that "they don't feel like she has the kind of principles, and stands for the same kind of thing that he does."

"According to my sources, Barack Obama has said [he] will throw the entire backing of the White House, the Democratic National Committee, money, and if possible, even the minority vote" at Biden in return for a say in his choice of running mate, Klein said.

Watch the full segment above for more, along with Klein's thoughts on Hillary's chances of being indicted.