Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared on this morning's edition of "Fox and Friends" to respond to Drew Magary's recent GQ article titled "F*** Ben Carson," which accused the entire Republican campaign of being "an arms race of stupid" and attacked Carson in particular for his comments following the Oregon college shooting.

"When people are consumed with hatred and intolerance, I think it clouds their ability to think clearly," stated Carson. "And we should feel sorry for them. I don't think we should necessarily react to them. And over the course of time, I think they and perhaps others will be able to see there is a better and more productive way to conduct oneself."

And when asked what he thought about Magary's use of the word "stupid" to describe a neurosurgeon like himself, Carson had this to say: "I wonder what his accomplishments are. I suspect that they probably pale in significance."

Furthermore, Carson expressed his belief that the media has become "the enemy of the people," but thinks Americans can see through it. 

"They're starting to recognize that most of the media is on another planet. They have another agenda," he said.

"The reason that [the media and the press] were given protection, under our Constitution, as the only business under that category, is because they were supposed to be honest, and they were supposed to be on the side of the people," he continued. "And it's a great distortion, what they're doing."

Watch this morning's segment above for more of Carson's response to GQ's article.