When a Virginia dad arrived to picked up his son from a daycare facility, he was shocked to see the 2-year-old on the playground unsupervised.

Randolph Wilkinson said he went to pick up his son at the Mount Olive Baptist Church's Child Development Center in Centreville at around 4:00 Wednesday. 

When he noticed his son all alone on the playground, he used his cell phone to take a video of the scene.

Wilkinson then went into the classroom, where the director was with the other children. 

“I see the director right there and she looks right at me and she says my son's name [and says] 'Your dad is here,'” said Wilkinson. “She's looking around, darting everywhere and she says, ‘Where is he?’ And then I make a beeline straight to the door so I can get to the playground and I said he's outside.”

The furious dad said he notified Fairfax County Child Protective Services about the incident and will no longer bring his son there.

The director apologized, but was at a loss over how it happened, he said. 

Watch the report below from FOX 5 DC. The daycare center did not respond to the station's request for comment.

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