A Los Angeles-area mother is making headlines for her dogged pursuit of a matching kidney donor for her daughter. 

Karol Franks' efforts have gone viral after someone spotted her SUV, which has the words "DAUGHTER NEEDS KIDNEY TYPE O" painted on it. 

Franks' 29-year-old daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with a rare urological disease when she was a teenager, and must undergo daily dialysis treatments.

Franks has taken to Facebook, Twitter , YouTube (video below) and other sites to campaign for her daughter and connect with other families who are trying to get off the incredibly long waiting list.

Thanks to Twitter user Tatum Bateman, who spotted Karol's SUV on the streets of L.A., word about Jenna has spread around the world and the family has more than 25 leads, according to TODAY.

Best of luck to Jenna and her family!