University of Illinois student and “diehard” Chicago Cubs fan Ben Larson made a very honest appeal to his professor: allow him to take a makeup exam so he could go to Pittsburgh for the Cubs’ do-or-die wildcard game.

Larson started his email with, "I'll be perfectly blunt with you," saying that he and his family were lifelong, diehard Cubs fans. He explained that he bought the tickets and planned the trip before he realized the exam date.

Luckily for him, Professor “Dave” understood how much it means for a long-suffering Cubs fan when the team gets into the playoffs.

As "Dave" put it, “The universe only gives Cubs fans so many post-season games. They must be savored.”

He graciously offered to let Larson take the exam the following afternoon.

Larson posted their e-mail exchange on Twitter with the hashtag “#myprofessorgetsit" and the email has quickly spread in advance of Wednesday night's big game.