Police in Des Plaines, Illinois, are warning pet owners to watch out after pieces of hot dog injected with rat poison were found on suburban front lawns.

Mel Dziedzic, a receptionist at Riser Animal Hospital, said in a Facebook post that a client brought the hot dogs to the vet clinic after her dog tried to grab one of them during a walk on Tuesday evening.

Dziedzic believes they may have been put out to harm animals, so she alerted the police and posted a photo of the hot dogs on Facebook to warn others about the incident.

It's not clear how long the hot dogs had been there or who had put them there.

Police said there have been no reports of any sick pets.

ATTENTION:Today a client brought in these pieces of hot dog that were placed around front lawns in Des Plaines. They...

Posted by Mel Dziedzic on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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