Some political pundits have argued in recent weeks and months that Donald Trump doesn't really want to win the presidency. 

In an interview this morning on "America's Newsroom," Bill O'Reilly said he believes this argument is "ridiculous," pointing out that Trump has risen to the top of the polls despite only spending $2 million so far. 

"I believe he wants to be president. ... He doesn't need this. I think Trump is infatuated with the political process right now," he said. 

O'Reilly agreed, however, that if Trump starts to fall in the polls, he will probably end his campaign.

Bill Hemmer also asked about President Obama's upcoming visit to southern Oregon to visit with the families of last week's mass shooting. 

The father of one victim said on The Kelly File last night he will not attend the visit, believing it's an attempt by the president to push a gun control agenda. 

O'Reilly said he understands that the rural area is politically conservative, but that people should "respect the office of the presidency"

"Whether you like the president or not, it could be any president, you've got to respect the office. And a lot of Americans don't understand that. You have to respect the office of the presidency if you're a patriotic American. He won the election," said O'Reilly.

O'Reilly said "it's a good thing" that Obama is going to Roseburg to console victims and families, but he will call out the president if he tries to "politicize" the trip. 

He added that he doesn't believe the people of Douglas County should "fear any kind of stunt" from Obama during the visit on Friday. 

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