A teenager sprang into action when a man collapsed at a Chili's restaurant in central Florida, saving his life with CPR.

17-year-old Elinor Courson was dining with her parents when the family noticed an older customer having a medical problem.

“I turned around and just saw the life leave his body,” Elinor said on "Fox and Friends." 

Customers moved the man to the floor, and the high school senior began CPR while someone called 911.

There were no medical professionals on hand so it was up to customers and restaurant staff to save the man's life.

“I was hoping and praying a doctor or nurse would show up and say ‘Move over, this is what I do for a living,’ but unfortunately that was not the case and I just continued on with compressions,” Elinor said.

She had learned CPR training two years ago at summer camp.

Elinor's mother and a waitress helped support the man, while another woman prayed and kept everybody motivated.

They were able to keep him alive until paramedics arrived minutes later and rushed him to a hospital, where he recovered.

She says that after this event she has "a little more faith" in herself and sees medical school in her future.

Watch the full interview above. Great job, Elinor!