This indescribably adorable video tells the story of Kumbali and Kago.

Kumbali is a young male cheetah who was born at the Metro Richmond Zoo. Kago is a male puppy.

Kumbali's mother hadn’t been feeding him properly, and he was dangerously underweight.

After zookeepers bottle-fed him back to health, they turned their attention to his next most important need: a friend.

Kumbali was introduced to Kago, a rescue lab mix, and the two are now inseparable.

Kago has a calming influence on Kumbali because the cheetah takes behavioral cues from him – learning not to fear his surroundings, but instead embrace them with confidence.

The two pals do everything together and will live out their lives with each other at the zoo.

Watch the Metro Richmond Zoo's video above.

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