Dr. Ben Carson is catching some heat for saying on Fox and Friends that he would have attacked the Oregon college shooter, rather than allow himself to be shot.

"I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say, 'Hey, guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all,'" said Carson. 

The comments drew criticism as being insensitive to the victims of last week's attack on Umpqua Community College, which left nine people dead.

Carson sat down this morning with Martha MacCallum, who asked him whether he needs to "get better at saying what he means."

She noted that Carson has had to "clean up" other statements in recent weeks, like when he questioned whether a Muslim should be president.

Carson said the media listens for a "defect" in what someone says and then pounces on it in order to create "division."

"I actually believe the American people are smarter than that and they're not gonna allow themselves to be manipulated as much as they have in the past," said Carson, maintaining that the American people can understand what he's saying in these instances.

"I'm not gonna change and become a vanilla envelope that they can accept. They're never gonna accept me because I don't believe in political correctness," said Carson. 

He said that his original statement was a simple concept: "if you know somebody's gonna kill you, why would you sit there and wait for him to do it?"

MacCallum asked what the United States can do to prevent these mass shootings in the future. 

Carson said "certain teachers" should be trained and armed in schools, adding that retired police officers could also be hired as armed guards in schools. 

But he said that much more needs to be done in terms of studying mass shooters so that early-warning signs can be identified.