Jenny McCarthy joined Diana Falzone today on FOX 411, discussing her advice for women, her Playboy career and more. 

Asked if she'd ever pose in Playboy again - as Pamela Anderson recently did at age 48 - McCarthy said right now she would have to decline, since her son is 13.

But she recalled that when she posed for the magazine, she was laughed at when she said she wanted to go on to do comedy. 

"Any time somebody told me I couldn't do something, I went and did it. So if someone told me I was too old to pose for Playboy, then I'd probably wind up posing for Playboy," said the 42-year-old McCarthy, joking that she'd destroy her son's social life if she posed again now.

McCarthy also said she has not reached out to ex Jim Carrey following the tragic suicide of his former girlfriend Cathriona White.

"I just have offered my prayers because what else can you possibly do besides pray in a situation like this? For both families, lots of prayers," she said.

On her controversial views on vaccines over the years, the former "View" co-host said she just tries to "stick to her guns" and ignore the negativity. 

"When I talk about things like autism, I talk about my story. I just hope people give me the opportunity and listen to what I have been saying and not change it into something sensational," said McCarthy. 

For women trying to move forward on their careers, she had this advice: stick to who you are and don't let anyone tell you what you should be.

Watch the full interview above.