Houston-area doctors are baffled about why a 12-year-old girl cannot stop sneezing.

For the last three weeks, Katelyn Thornley, of Angleton, has been suffering the sneezing fits - as much as 20 sneezes a minute sometimes - which she says get worse when she's stressed out. 

Heartbreakingly, she says kids at school make fun of her when it happens. 

"I don't care what they do. I just want it to stop," said, as a sneezing fit cut her sentence short.

Thornley said the constant sneezing is causing her abdominal pain, leg weakness and limits her eating. 

She's been finding some measure of relief by taking Benadryl to go to sleep and listening to The Beatles to relax. Six doctors have weighed in, ruling out a virus or allergy, but failing to hone in on the problem.

A neurologist who evaluated Thornley at the request of FOX Houston said the girl may be experiencing a facial tic, which causes her to sneeze, similar to a tic that might cause someone to blink repetitively.