Ed Klein, author of a new book about Hillary Clinton, told Sean Hannity that, according to his sources, Hillary Clinton is being told by a trusted adviser to "lawyer up."

Klein, who just released Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,​ said the unnamed man he is referring to has been a confidant of the Clintons for 30 years.

"He said to me he's tearing his hair out because he cannot get Hillary to understand that she is in deep trouble. He says, paraphrasing John Dean, 'this is a cancer on her candidacy,'" he explained. 

Klein said that the adviser wants Clinton to hire a "big-league criminal defense attorney," possibly even a Republican, to begin to prepare for the possibility of an indictment over her email server.

Klein said he decided on "unlikeable" for the title of his book because he thinks it's the overriding issue that will prevent the former First Lady from becoming president. 

"I cannot think of a recent president who got elected who was not likeable," said Klein.