Pete Hegseth and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret) joined Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File" tonight to discuss Russia's increasing aggression in Syria and the Obama administration's apparent lack of a strategy.

Hegseth slammed President Obama's suggestion that he wants to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the goals of the U.S. and Russia are "fundamentally misaligned."

"We have a president whose strategy is to hope - to hope that Putin gets stuck in a quagmire, hope that ISIS is beaten back and they fall under the weight of themselves, hope that the rebels make advances, hope that [Syrian President] Assad doesn't maintain control," Hegseth said.

He added that Putin is taking advantage of the lack of U.S. leadership to reassert Russia's influence in the Middle East.

Shaffer agreed with Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford's assessment that Russia is the biggest threat on the planet to the U.S.

He said that Obama is trying to have it both ways by weakly opposing both Assad and ISIS.

"We are now the 'junior varsity,'" Shaffer stated.

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