The New York Times issued six corrections on a piece about Donald Trump's wife, Melania. 

The Times and Washington Post drew criticism for their reports last week on Mrs. Trump, with the Times culture and style writer reporter, Guy Trebay, calling her a "mannequin" instead of a model. 

Trebay also wrote that, "Mrs. Trump then settled into a life that, were it not for her husband’s presidential aspirations, might resemble that of any number of trophy spouses in New York, Palm Beach and Paris, the three cities Mrs. Trump says she loves most."

On Friday, the Times added five corrections to the bottom of the article: 

Correction: October 2, 2015
An earlier version of this article misstated Melania Trump’s age at the time she was Melania Knauss and posed for a picture in Talk magazine. She was 29, not 26, making her almost a quarter-century younger than her future husband, not more than a quarter-century younger. The article also misidentified a presidential debate she attended. She was in the audience at the Fox News debate in Cleveland in August; she was not present for the CNN debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. In addition, the article misidentified the position in Congress held by Marco Rubio, one of Mr. Trump’s opponents for the Republican presidential nomination. He is a United States senator from Florida, not a representative. The article also misspelled the given name of Rupert Murdoch’s former wife, who described Mrs. Trump as “a supportive wife, great mother and a lovely person.” She is Wendi Deng Murdoch, not Wendy. The article also misspelled the surname of an editor at The Palm Beach Daily News, who noted that Mrs. Trump is “not gossipy at all, not bitchy and just really nice.” He is Robert Janjigian, not Jangigian. And, finally, the article referred imprecisely to Mr. Janjigian’s role at the paper. While he has reported on society, he is in charge of fashion coverage, not society coverage. (Shannon Donnelly is the society editor.)

On "The Kelly File," Howard Kurtz, host of "Media Buzz," called the Times report "salacious and condescending," noting that Mrs. Trump has not been very involved in politics.

"It is so condescending; 'trophy spouse.' What other potential First Lady gets treated like this?" he asked, adding that the Times had included a Twitter picture of Mrs. Trump in a bikini, then removed it from the article after it was called out. 

Kelly argued that if this was written about a Democratic candidate's wife, liberals would quickly accuse the reporter of being sexist. 

Chris Stirewalt pointed out the media's "rough treatment" of Cindy McCain when her husband, Sen. John McCain, was a presidential candidate.

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