Navy Capt. Chuck Nash (Ret.) said on "Happening Now" that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not stop the attacks in Syria, even if the United States declares a no-fly zone.

Last week on Hannity, Carly Fiorina suggested that the U.S. should establish a no-fly zone around the area where anti-Assad rebel groups are operating. 

Nash, a Fox News military analyst, said Putin would respond by essentially daring President Obama to order an attack on Russian aircraft.

"As far as this no-fly zone? That train has come and gone. If we institute a no-fly zone or say we're gonna do it, the Russians are gonna go, 'Yeah? Well we're flying anyway.' It'll just be another red line that gets crossed," said Nash.

On Russia's brief violation of Turkish airspace, Nash said the situation right now is a "powder keg," with air forces from Russia and Syria conducting operations and the U.S. and six coalition partners flying around as well. 

Putin is sending 150,000 Russian troops to Syria, maintaining that the campaign will eradicate ISIS. 

Nash said we've always known that ground forces were needed in Syria to destroy ISIS, and Putin is taking the steps necessary to achieve his goals. 

The map below shows the locations of Russian strikes and which groups are controlling Syria. 

Nash pointed out that Russian airstrikes will be more effective than the U.S. air campaign because they have troops on the ground, and are striking more targets. 

He explained that once ground troops are inserted, enemy forces will "coalesce" around certain areas, leaving them vulnerable to airstrikes. 

Watch his analysis above.