A crew member sent her family a heartbreaking message as the El Faro cargo ship headed straight into the path of Hurricane Joaquin Thursday morning.

Laurie Bobillot, a Rockland, Maine resident, shared the email she received from her daughter, 34-year-old Danielle Randolph, who wrote just before the container ship headed straight into the path of the Category-4 storm. 

“Not sure if you’ve been following the weather at all, but there is a hurricane out here and we are heading straight into it. Love to everyone," Randolph wrote.

The Coast Guard says the ship likely sunk, but the desperate search for survivors is ongoing.

The ship had 28 Americans and five Polish nationals on board when it lost power in the raging storm near Crooked Island in the eastern Bahamas.

The body of one crew member was located and it's believed the crew had to abandon ship.

Phil Keating reported this afternoon that one lifeboat was found destroyed and unoccupied. Keating said there is still hope that the 32 missing crew members could be in the second lifeboat that was onboard.

Investigators are now looking into why the ship decided to keep sailing to Puerto Rico on a routine cargo run or why the captain did not alter course.

The ship is believed to have sunk in waters 15,000-feet-deep.

Watch Keating's full report on the latest details from "Shepard Smith Reporting."