Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went “On the Record” tonight, criticizing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the “hypocrisy” from the United Nations toward his country.

Netanyahu called out Abbas for failing to condemn yesterday's brutal murders of a Jewish settler couple as they drove in the West Bank. The young mother and father were shot to death in front of their four children, including a four-month-old.

Secretary of State John Kerry issued an immediate, strong condemnation of the attack.

One day after his powerful speech at the U.N., Netanyahu said that Israel stands with the U.S. in grief over the murders, along with the mass shooting in Oregon.

Netanyahu said officials in Abbas’ Fatah party even praised the murders by suspected Palestinian gunmen.

“How can you move forward to peace if you don't fight terror, if you don't renounce terror?” he asked, adding if Abbas won't fight terrorists, Israel will.

Netanyahu said there is “continuous incitement” of Israel by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

And he went after the United Nations for its continued “bashing” of Israel, arguing that it has “no reference to reality.”

“Israel is standing in the breach there, protecting civilization, fighting the forces that ravage people, burn them alive, decapitate them, destroy ancient treasures of civilization. Who is standing there? Israel first. And who gets bashed in the UN? Israel. I think it's time to rail against this hypocrisy.”

Watch the full interview above, as the prime minister spoke about the need to hold Iran’s “feet to the fire” in the nuclear deal.