Tune in on SiriusXM Monday at 6:00am ET as "Fox News Headlines 24/7" hits the airwaves on channel 115. 

The channel will broadcast news updates around-the-clock: breaking stories, entertainment, sports, trending topics and everything in-between, brought to you in a way that only Fox News can deliver it. 

Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes said, “Our goal is to continuously deliver original breaking news product to our viewers."

"America's Newsroom" co-anchor Bill Hemmer will kick things off, broadcasting live from Fox News' New York City headquarters. 

“It is a format that you won’t find anywhere else on satellite radio. Fox News journalists giving listeners the news they need, the moment they want it," Hemmer told Insider. 

The familiar voice of Shepard Smith, anchor of "Shepard Smith Reporting" and Fox News' chief news anchor, will welcome listeners at 6:00pm ET for an hour each day during the initial launch. 

Smith and Hemmer will be replaced by other Fox News talent after the launch. 

Be sure to listen Monday, starting at 6:00am ET on SiriusXM channel 115, and set your preset to NEWS.