Have you ever tried to reason with a bear? 

One Alaska hiker did just that, and her shrieking pleas have gone viral, as she yelled at the bear to "please stop" damaging her kayak.

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The clip starts with Mary Maley thanking the bear for not touching her kayak. As he walked toward her though, she pepper-sprayed him in the face.

So he backed away, and went right for the kayak...

"Stop it, bear! Bear, you're breaking it! Why are you breaking my kayak?! Bear, stop that!" she yelled.

"It's the end of September, why are you here? You're supposed to be asleep!" she screamed, as she continued to ask the bear to "please" stop. 

Maley posted the video, which has now been viewed more than 300,000 times, on Tuesday, writing that she had just stopped with all of her gear while on a kayaking trip from Ketchikan to Petersburg.

As she ate her lunch, she heard the noisy bear near her kayak.

"Shortly after the bear left and I drug the kayak back to the cabin door step. Then I swam to the S/V anchored in the bay. They did not have their radio on and I feared I would be stranded! The German flagged S/v Caledonia took me and my things to Wrangell where I am trying to repair my kayak now," she wrote.

Watch the clip above.

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