Umpqua Community College student Kendra Gordon told Neil Cavuto on "Your World" she was in the classroom next door to where today's deadly campus shooting occurred.

"I was sitting in class when we had first heard the shot," Gordon said. "And we didn't think it was a gunshot, we thought it was a firecracker. And then we heard another one."

"And so, one of the students in my class, she went out and checked it. She got shot twice, one in the arm, and in the stomach. And she came back and told us to lock the door, shut the lights off," Gordon said. "And we sat there for 20 minutes waiting for police to show up. It felt like forever."

Gordon said that she waited in her class with 20 to 25 students until they heard police voices outside the room.

"I've definitely had better days, that's for sure," Gordon said. "I'm in a lot better position than many of the other families at UCC."

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