Donald Trump reacted this morning on "Fox and Friends" to the escalation in Syria, where Russian airstrikes are continuing today. 

Russia acknowledged today that it is targeting Syrian rebel groups, along with ISIS. They said 20 strikes Thursday were aimed at "ISIS and other well known extremist groups." 

Trump said he's usually in favor of being "proactive" in situations like this, but right now he said the United States should be "cool" and let the situation play out. 

He said the U.S. has "no idea" when it comes to the identities of the various rebel groups in Syria. 

"If I knew who these people were. If we thought they were George Washington, I'm all for it. We have no idea who we're fighting for. It could be worse than Assad," said Trump, adding that some of these rebel groups may aligned with ISIS.

Trump reiterated his belief that it could be beneficial to let Vladimir Putin go after ISIS. 

"Russia got bogged down in Afghanistan. I bet they get bogged down again," he said.

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