President George H.W. Bush made a surprise appearance at his Massachusetts prep school, where students had gathered to watch a new documentary about his life. 

The Eagle Tribune reported that the executive producer of "41 on 41" was the only scheduled speaker, but instead, the former president came out with former First Lady Barbara to speak.

Bush attended Phillips Academy in Andover from age 12 to 18, but hadn't been back since 2003. After his graduation in 1942, he joined the Navy and served as a fighter pilot in WWII. 

“Thank you for that warm Andover welcome back to the school that has meant so much to me in my life,” said Bush, after a huge round of applause.


In the film, 41 people - including Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, Roger Ailes, Dana Carvey, and Mike Krzyzweski - sat down to share anecdotes and reflect on the impact of the 41st president.


The producers of the documentary, Peggy Dooley and Mary Kate Cary, stopped by "Fox and Friends" a few months ago to discuss how the project about. 

Dooley said the overall theme from the 41 interviewees was an emphasis on the 91-year-old's "humor and humility" throughout his life. 

Watch the interview below.