A Florida landscaping company paid it forward - or, in this case, paved it forward - to a local wheelchair-bound man. 

The quadriplegic man, Domingo Matos, posted on Facebook Sunday night that he'd once again fallen on the walkway outside his house. 

Matos, who was shot four times in an armed robbery 11 years ago, wrote that he had hit his head in his latest fall.

Derek Jenks, owner of Outdoor Perfections in Naples, said the narrow walkway looked like a "death trap" for a person in a wheelchair.

When Jenks saw Matos' post, he got a crew together, went over to the house, and braved a storm to pave a brand-new, much wider walkway for the disabled man. 

Making life easier for those in need OUTDOOR PERFECTIONS

Posted by Outdoor Perfections on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


“They’re exceptional people and they have a good heart,” said Matos. “I’m so happy right now.”

Watch the local report from WINK-TV below.

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