Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) defended his questions to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards over her salary. 

During a House hearing Tuesday on the organization's use of federal funds, Chaffetz pressed Richards on her salary, saying her compensation in the 2013 fiscal year was nearly $600,000.

"Your compensation in 2009 was $353,000. Congratulations," he said. "In 2013, your compensation went up some $240,000. Your compensation, we're showing based on tax returns, is $590,000."

Those remarks drew a rebuke from New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney, who called Chaffetz's line of questioning "totally inappropriate and discriminatory." 

Maloney said she had never seen a witness "beaten up and questioned about their salary," slamming Chaffetz for "beating up on a woman for making a good salary."

Chaffetz called Richards' salary "exorbitant" for a nonprofit organization, noting it's more than the president earns. 

"I don't care [about] her gender. What I care about is that this is a nonprofit organization that's supposed to be providing health care to women and she's taking nearly $600,000 in compensation, and I think that's worthy of understanding," he said.

Bill Hemmer told Chaffetz that his words are going to be labeled by Democrats as the latest example of the so-called "war on women" by Republicans.

Chaffetz said he lost his parents to cancer, and would rather see taxpayer money go toward quadrupling cancer research, instead of being spent on first-class airfare and huge salaries at Planned Parenthood.

"I don't need a lecture from Democrats [with] this holier-than-thou attitude that says somehow Republicans don't care about women," said Chaffetz. 

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