Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) hit back at outgoing House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who has called him a "jackass" and a "false prophet."

In Boehner's most recent criticism, he said to CBS News that Cruz and other conservatives in Congress are "spreading noise" to the American people about what Congress can do. 

For instance, he said Cruz's attempt to shut down the government over ObamaCare was a "fool's errand" that never had a chance to succeed. 

Cruz said on "Hannity" that the House and Senate leaders are not willing to fight for the promises they made to voters.

He said Republicans in Congress do the exact opposite of what President Obama does on issues of importance. Cruz argued that Democrats, led by Obama, are "absolutely committed to fighting for liberal principles." 

"Barack Obama would practically crawl over broken glass with a knife between his teeth. He never, ever gives up. He's like The Terminator. What does Republican leadership do? It begins every negotiation with surrendering at the outset," said Cruz.

Cruz said Obama has learned that if he even "whispers" the word "shutdown," then Republican leaders will give up and "run for the hills." 

He said Obama has done it over and over on important issues, like ObamaCare, immigration amnesty, Planned Parenthood and the Iran nuclear deal. 

Watch the interview above, and hear from Carly Fiorina, Ralph Peters, Sheriff David Clarke and more, tonight on "Hannity" at 10p ET.

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