A 9-year-old girl was denied her inhaler during a coughing fit at school in West Jordan, Utah, because staff were not notified of the child's prescription, Jordan School District officials said Monday.

Emma Gonzales obtained an inhaler over the weekend after a coughing fit landed her in the emergency room, according to Fox 13.

On Monday, the fourth grader was hit with another coughing spell in class at Columbia Elementary.

When Emma took her inhaler out to use it, her teacher sent her to the office, where staff took the inhaler, even though she was coughing so hard she threw up on her pants.

District officials say the staff did everything right by taking the medication to make sure it was for that specific student.

The inhaler didn't have Emma’s name on it and the school had not been notified that she was taking the medication.

Although Emma never got her inhaler at school, her coughing fit did eventually end.

District officials say Emma was monitored the entire time and if they felt she was in serious danger, they would have called 911.

Watch more above and see the Fox 13 report below.

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