Retired four-star General Jack Keane said on "America's Newsroom" that Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to move a small military force into Syria is a "game-changer."

Keane noted that the Russian economy is "in the tank" and Putin's military is no match for the United States or NATO, yet Putin still made the bold maneuver.

The chairman of the Institute for the Study of War said Putin has now "guaranteed" the survival of the Assad regime in Syria and forced other Middle Eastern nations to "pay attention to him in a way they have not in the past." 

Keane, who will testify before Congress on the matter today, pointed out that the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have all bought Russian weapons in the past year. 

"He clearly has a strategy to gain influence in the Middle East in a way that Russia has never [had]. And he's only able to do this because of the United States' disengagement and unwillingness to confront what he's doing," said Keane.

He explained Putin's strategic "bluff" about taking on ISIS inside Syria and inviting U.S. forces to join the effort. 

Keane said if Obama goes along with that, the U.S. would be partnering with Russia, Iran, the Assad regime and Hezbollah, while a "genocide" continues against the Syrian people.

"That is the result of that decision - if he makes that decision, which I think he will. It's actually staggering. That's why I say this is a game-changer," said Keane. 

Watch his analysis above.