Dana Loesch appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to respond to a doctored video of an NRA ad she appeared in, which ended with Loesch graphically shooting herself in the head.

The edited version of the ad included Loesch holding a gun, followed by gunfire and blood spatter.

The shocking video was posted on Twitter by user Tom Adelsbach, who describes himself as a "Graphic Artist, Website Designer, Flash Animator" from Chicago.

Loesch told Megyn Kelly that the amount of harassment Second Amendment supporters often receive is disturbing.

"It's always the people who hate guns and don't want people to be able to lawfully possess them that want you to die by a gun," Loesch said. "Me wanting to be a law-abiding Second Amend practitioner does not magically put a gun into the hand of anyone who does not want one. It does not magically arm criminals, either."

"Some of these anti-gun advocates and the groups to which they belong really need to watch their rhetoric, because it's inciting actual threats. And I fear that it could one day incite violence against people that just want to be law-abiding Americans."

Watch more above.

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