Bill O'Reilly asked Donald Trump tonight about how he's treated by the media and what changes he might have to make to his public persona to secure the GOP nomination.

O'Reilly acknowledged that Trump won't get a "fair shake" from the mainstream media, but he asked if Trump needs to change his style and become "a bit kinder and more mature."

Trump disagreed with the word "mature," and said the 2016 race isn't about being nice, but who's the most competent candidate.

O'Reilly noted that Trump recently called his fellow GOP contender Marco Rubio a "clown." "The Factor" host said that type of name-calling isn't presidential.

Trump said he's a counter-puncher and he simply reacted when Rubio attacked him on his policies.

"He was a member of the Gang of Eight, which was a disaster, he was totally weak on immigration and, by the way, he hasn't changed," Trump said of the Florida senator.

"That's fine," O'Reilly said. "It's the 'clown' stuff that's not fine."

"Well, OK, I can understand that," Trump replied.

Watch more from the "Factor" interview above.

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