Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told Bill O'Reilly tonight that Russian President Vladimir Putin is successfully and skillfully putting the onus on President Obama for not cooperating the fight against the Islamic State.

"This is a guy with a very clear vision," Peters said of the Russian president, asserting that it's often "outsiders" like him who change the world.

"He's ugly, he's ruthless, he's vicious, and I don't like him at all, but he's brilliant. He's got a long-term strategy and his goals are clear," Peters said.

He explained that Putin's main goals are to humiliate Obama and to restore Russia's greatness.

"One thing Putin definitely understands is that if you fight, you fight to win," Peters said, noting that Obama often seems less concerned with winning militarily and more concerned with not hurting anyone or breaking anything.

Peters said the Russian military "sucks," but it's at least brutal, which may make it more effective in the fight against ISIS and radical Islamic terror.

"They'll do what it takes."

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